The Myth of Headlight Restoration

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If you’ve ever seen a viral video that claims that you can restore foggy headlights to a clear, bright sheen using household products, you may have been tempted to try out the techniques for yourself. But most at-home headlight restoration techniques provide only temporary results.

Cloudy headlights develop as the acrylic material is exposed to UV radiation from the sun. Plastic headlights come with a clear coating that prevents this from happening. But the protective glaze wears off over time.

As you drive, flying debris and pebbles abrade your headlights, destroying the coating and scratching the plastic. Dirt, chemicals and water droplets can also impair the quality of the beam that emanates from your headlights. The best headlight restoration product addresses these issues and protects your car from future deterioration.

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Is Toothpaste Headlight Restoration a Myth?

Toothpaste removes residue from your teeth. You would think that it would remove deposits from headlights too. Plus, just about everyone has a tube of toothpaste or two at home.

While toothpaste can adequately remove dirt and debris from headlights, it doesn’t do much for severe oxidation. It’s only mildly abrasive. You’ll need to use a more intense polish and add a protective coating to get longer-lasting results.

Toothpaste for headlight restoration

Baking soda provides similar results as toothpaste. It’s mildly abrasive and can clean off minor scuffs and scratches. But it doesn’t restore hazy headlights to their original glory.

Baking Soda for headlight restoration


Can You Use Common Chemicals to Restore Headlights?

Some people claim that DEET-based bug spray, WD-40 or polishes with a solvent base can restore your headlights. These chemicals might make your lights look clearer. But using them also bring disadvantages.

Solvents and DEET can damage the rubber trim around your headlights, plastic bumpers and the vehicle’s painted finish. The chemicals work because they melt the plastic, allowing the surface residue to come off.

They make the surface of the headlights tacky, though. After you use one of these DIY headlight restoration products, dirt and grime are more likely to stick to your headlights, making them hazy within a few days.

WD-40 for headlights


What About Professional Headlight Restoration?

If your headlights are severely foggy, you might wonder whether to choose professional headlight restoration vs replacement. Getting your headlights professionally restored can be expensive. Plus, it doesn’t promise to bring your headlights back to a crystal-clear state. Sometimes, cracking and damage are so severe that perfect restoration isn’t possible. It may not be worth shelling out your hard-earned cash for results that you could accomplish yourself.

Replacing the headlight plastic altogether may be an option if you’re dealing with extreme damage. This is also the most expensive option, though. You might have to replace the entire headlight if the plastic doesn’t come off.


Should You Use a DIY Headlight Restoration Kit?

Many of the household products that we described above work as conditioners. They can make your headlights look great for a short time, but they don’t permanently fix the problem. Completely replacing your headlights is usually expensive.

The Visbella headlight restoration kit gives you a long-term solution without breaking the bank. It cleans the headlights and polishes them to improve visibility.

You can choose from a manual option, which lets you polish plastic headlights by hand. If you have a power drill, you might opt for the heavy-duty version of the DIY headlight restoration kit. It can be used with rotary tools for professional results.

Although your headlights will always be subjected to wear and tear, you can protect them with the protective paste that comes with this headlight restoration kit. The coating protects your headlights from UV rays and slows oxidation.

Clear headlights can improve the appearance of your vehicle dramatically. Whether you need to pass inspection, clean up a vehicle for sale or make your car look like new again, try the Visbella headlight restoration kit for sparkling results.

3 Easy Steps: Clean, Polish, Protect

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