Visbella UV Light Glue


Visbella UV Light Glue is not just a glue. It’s a powerful liquid plastic welding compound that you can easily and quickly use to make making permanent seals and repairs on almost anything. lt can be applied to plastic, metal, wood, rubber, PVC, ceramic, glasses, jewelry, toys and so much more with just 4 easy steps: Clean, Apply, Cure, and Shape. This easy to use pocket-sized tool helps you to make strong and lasting everyday repairs with minimal time and effort. It’s also a powerful tool that enables DlYers to be creative at their projects.


Features & Benefits

  • Liquid solution only hardens once UV light is applied. This unique feature makes it safer than super glues when accidental skin contact occurs.
  • Hardened compound can be shaped, sanded, drilled, polished, and painted
  • Cures in seconds to make a strong and lasting bond
  • Save easy to fix items from being thrown away prematurely
  • Water resistant and heat resistant properties
  • The perfect tool for repairs on-the-go and DIY projects
  • Dries and hardens clear for less noticeable repairs
Works On
  • Metal, Wood, Plastic, Ceramic, Jewelry, Rubber, PVC, Glasses, Toys, and more



  • Does the glue harden without applying the UV light?

    No, the glue only hardens after applying the UV light, which is a unique feature of UV light glue.

  • Any preparation I need to do before applying the glue?

    Yes, make sure to clean and scuff the surrounding surface in order to reach a better result.

  • Can I add a second layer of glue to the first layer I made?

    Yes, just be sure that the first layer is completely dry before doing so.

  • What is the best way to remove Visbella UV glue once it hardens?

    Using a sharp scraper, like that of a box-cutter should dislodge the hardened compound once applying an appropriate amount of force at the base.

  • Can I buy a refill bottle separately?

    We do not currently sell a separate refill bottle of the Visbella glue. We recommend purchasing the UV Light Glue that also comes with a 8gm refill bottle if you plan on using the UV Glue more frequently.